Random Hand - Seething Is Believing

Random Hand - Seething Is Believing

Random Hand

Seething Is Believing

Released: Mar 21 2011

Genre: Ska Punk

Label: Bomber Music

Rating: 4.2/5


Keighley based Random Hand are a band that never seem to slow down. Since the release of their second LP Inhale/ Exhale the four piece have continuously appeared on the bills of small tours and uncountable amounts of local shows.

The wait for Seething Is Believing has seemed endless for fans; the recording process completed all the way back in August. Since then problems with various record labels arose until they were offered a worldwide release on Bomber Music and Stomp Records. Six months on, it can be revealed that Seething Is Believing was worth the wait.

As a record, Seething Is Believing probably won’t be the most adventurous ska punk record on the shelves this year, but the somewhat generic musical formula acts well in creating a captivating and enjoyable sound. Lyrically, Random Hand have stuck to their roots, emphasising their left wing political views which are embedded into practically every track. Instrumentally, on the other hand, Seething Is Believing at times adopts a heavier approach. The ska elements are still very much present, but experimental guitar riffs offer a splash of diversity.

The records title is definitely reflective of its sound. Random Hand have taken their political punk a step further, with aggressive vocals reinforcing their loathing of society. Dead to the World and 3 from 6 are amongst the heavier vocal tracks on the record, “you’re dead to the world” acting as the formers chorus. It’s not just the vocal aspect of the LP that takes a more forceful approach; the guitar riffs in Find What’s Out There suggest there may even be some metal influences behind the record.

Although the instrumentals and vocals of Seething Is Believing are a progression on their earlier sound, the record isn’t as experimental as it could be. Random Hand are producing solid ska punk – and there’s no debate that ska punk is exactly what we’re hearing. Now releasing their third full length, Random Hand have been very loyal to their early releases – deterring from exploring with atypical instruments or perhaps allowing less natural influences seep into their music. Perhaps it’s encouraging that not every band feels the need to evolve into some unrecognisable end-product, but four years on from their debut it would be exciting for Random Hand to create something a little more daring.

You can download the new Random Hand single Find What’s Out There here.

~ By James Murray