&U&I - Kill The Man That Shot That Man

&U&I - Kill The Man That Shot That Man


Kill The Man That Shot That Man

Released: Oct 11 2010

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Label: ondryland

Rating: 3.8/5


Former members of the band Blakfish make their return with this debut EP as new band &U&I. The EP opens with heavy track Terror Back, which shows they still have the heavy post-hardcore sound of Blakfish, and can still show us some brilliant song structures and intense, sudden tempo changes. Second track, Chancer’s Paradise, is the highlight track of the EP, and shows them sounding most like their former band – combining shouting and clear singing for the vocals. The third track, Who Will Look After Adam, continues the sound of the first two tracks of the EP, where as penultimate track, The Boy With The Beard, is a much slower and stripped down track without shouting and including a piano part and sample before ending with a louder pounding sound that perfectly transits into the final track Don’t Die; perhaps the heaviest track on the EP and a great ending to a strong EP.

Overall this is a very impressive EP that develops the sound Blakfish had further. Although they do not quite match the brilliance of Blakfish’s Champions album, especially in terms of lyrics, &U&I continue a similar sound but also avoid making it sound exactly the same. If this is just the start for &U&I we can expect some amazing future releases from the band. This EP is a must have for anyone who liked Blakfish, and hopefully we will be offered some amazing music from this band in the future.

~ Article by Chris Fishlock

Listen To: Chancer’s Parade, Who Will Look After Adam?,

For Fans Of: BlakFish, Shapes, Meet Me In St. Louis, Colour, Secondsmile