At Our Heels - Misanthropy and Godlessness

At Our Heels - Misanthropy and Godlessness

At Our Heels

Misanthropy and Godlessness

Released: Aug 10 2010

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Label: Creator-Destructor Records

Rating: 4.2/5


Misanthropy and Godlessness, the newest and heaviest instalment of punk from California based record label, Creator-Destructor Records showcases some of hardcore’s best concealed talents. With a total running time of just under 30 minutes, it might seem that the At Our Heels debut full-length has been somewhat cut short; however, the incessant intensity throughout the LP ensures overall satisfaction.

Opening track, Through Their Teeth acts as the records crescendo; an introduction to the album’s theme before erupting into later, more aggressive arrangements – “faithless and heartless, godless misanthropes, left to die”. The album adheres to hardcore punk’s typical denotations, offering deep, aggressive lyrics, written to evoke anger and general chaos when envisaging live shows. The key change at the opening of The Old Gloomies helps to accelerate the records punch, on top of demonstrating the groups ability to write diversely. Immaculate production breaks up tracks and makes transcendences unnoticeable, Unholy seamlessly progressing from its predecessor – the work of production duo Aaron Hellam and Zack Ohren certainly not going unnoticed.

Technical ability, until the latter half of the LP is restricted – simplicity being the key in making the record captivating. The guitar riffs mid-way through The Recluse and furthermore in Detach / Withdraw showcase the abilities of the guitarists, marking a turning point in the record which delivers flawlessly in maintaining the listeners interest. The five piece are unarguably extremely talented; despite currently being very underground, Misanthropy and Godlessness deserves to be a ‘must have’ for any hardcore fan. Comparable to the likes of Trash Talk or Blackhole, At Our Heels have made the perfect start to a potentially successful career. Plenty of touring and a forward-thinking follow up record could be the perfect combination to leap frog this talented group into the hardcore scene’s spotlight.

~ Article by James Murray

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