Random Hand

Random Hand

Random Hand


Date: Aug 16 2010

Genre: Punk / Ska Punk

Label: Bomber Music


With their third album due for release in October, and a host of tour dates set for later this year, Random Hand are without a doubt one of the UK’s most interesting punk collectives of 2010. Since their formation in 2002, the success of previous albums, Change of Plan and Inhale/Exhale have kept the band on the touring radar. 2010 has been a somewhat eventful year for Random Hand, with line-up changes following the departure of drummer, Joe; therefore Sound-Revolution believed that now would be a great time to catch up.


S-R: Your third album’s due to be released in late autumn, what can we
expect; anything out of the ordinary?

RH: “Seething is Believing” is going to be the most honest Hand album to
date. we’ve not tried to achieve anything or write anything that is
not completely us. Any boundaries that are pushed we have already
hammered at for several years. It’s in essence a punk album, more so
than either of our other two and we hope that translates through to
the listener how it was intended!

S-R: With ex-drummer Joe leaving the band, how did this affect routines?
Did everything fall into place straight away, or did it take a while
for everything to settle down?

RH: We’d been the same band for seven years so none of us knew if we could
continue with a line up change, it’s been a far from smooth six months
following his departure. We’ve had injuries sustained by a stand in
drummer, matt mangling his hand by dropping a cab on it, the van
braking several times and all this culminating in us losing a European
tour and countless other shows. For a band that has only missed two
gigs out of over 500 that really hit us hard. Routines where
completely thrown out the window and we had the hardest time we’ve
been through. It wasn’t a smooth ride bringing Sean in, although from
the first moment we played together we knew it was going to work, he
had a lot of other musical commitments he had to consider heavily, but
we like to think he made the right choice… in fact we know he did

S-R: Random Hand and other bands including The Skints left Rebel Alliance
Recordings recently; can you tell us anything about why you left the
label or would that be strictly confidential?

RH: All that I really want to say on the matter is that we’re all very
much still friends. And the reasons for things not working with the
label where not the fault of Sonic Boom Six

S-R: With Crime In Stereo and Rx Bandits being forced to drop out of
Reading & Leeds Festivals this year, we’ve noticed that you’ve grabbed
a spot on the brilliant Lock-Up Stage. How did you get the place in
the line-up, and what do you expect from a gig as big as Reading &

RH: We’re regularly played on the Lock Up Show by Mike and I can only
assume they know who they are going to ask if bands drop out. This
coming through for us couldn’t have come at a better time after the
year we’ve had, and all things being well it should totally kick off.
The first time we played it we had no idea what to expect and it was
totally amazing even in Leeds when people had to walk through mud for
over an hour to get to our set on the Sunday the tent was full, so
with the better slot this time round I would expect the same if not

S-R: Random Hand have appeared at many great events in 2010 including
Slam Dunk, Rebellion Festival, and you have a tour arranged for
October: What do you think your favourite gig has been from the past
year and why?

RH: Slam Dunk and Rebellion where definitely two highlights for me, Slam
Dunk because its where it really felt like it all clicked back in to
place for me, Random Hand where well and truly back and firing on all
cylinders. Rebellion because it was our first time on the main stage
and it was the most nervous I have been for a long time, possibly our
biggest show to date, it all came together nicely and really went off.

S-R: Finally, what are your top 5 records at the moment?
Cancer Bats – Hail Destroyer
The Arteries – Blood Sweat and Beers
Skindred – Roots Rock Riot
Jon Boden – Songs From The Floodplain
Millencolin – Pennybridge Pioneers


~ Article by James Murray

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