Camp Bestival 2010

Camp Bestival 2010

Camp Bestival 2010

Venue: Lulworth Castle

Location: Dorset

Date: May 30 – Aug 1, 2010

Rating: 3.4/5


In its third year, Rob Da Bank’s Camp Bestival returned as the sister festival to the well-established Bestival. Marketed as a family festival, Camp Bestival targets a very universal audience, with a great range of activities for young and old. The general formula of the festival consists of mainstream (new and old) pop acts throughout the day, with underground EDM DJ’s increasingly taking to the stage as each day progresses. Such a structure works well at providing something for everyone; however, it does leave many with a great deal of spare time when nothing appealing is available.

The location, Lulworth Castle, is often noted by the acts on the Castle Stage as a great feature of the festival – acting as a unique centrepiece. The early acts on each day tend to be very low key, and understandably very differing in terms of quality. Kid Unicorn, one of the earliest acts on the Friday schedule was one of the less enthralling bookings; with his substandard lyrics in combination with generic backing beats. When introducing one of his songs he shared a story of how the song got rejected by Eurovision after sending it to a range of countries. If you can imagine next year’s British Eurovision entry, then diminish it of any remaining quality then you’d get a good idea. Example took to the stage soon after at approximately 3pm; oddly placed with such mainstream popularity in 2010. One of the drawbacks for anybody over the age of 15 at a TOP40UK act gig is that you feel jammed and imprisoned in the middle of a Jonas Brothers concert, nevertheless, an energetic crowd is always a great addition to the atmosphere. Example and his band only had a short set as a result of arriving 20 minutes late due to “traffic”, the set list consisting of all the singles and finishing on by far the most entertaining track, Hooligans, combining rap, house and dubstep which worked surprisingly well on-stage.

Returning once again from Camp Bestival 2009, Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip will be remembered by the crowd as a very intelligent and energetic live act. Although the duo have released a new album in between performances, the 2010 performance very much mirrored the previous year, a slight case of de ja vu when Scroobius Pip walked out in identical attire. Scroobius Pip’s superb stage presence and complex, often political orientated lyrics are always captivating. After the final track Dan Le Sac concludes with a hard-hitting electronic finale, an exciting end to a somewhat underrated live act.

As the Friday evening hit Lulworth the DJ tents began to attract crowds. It was unfortunate that poor scheduling lead to a great deal of confusion, dubstep pioneer Joker being seen by the crowd before disappearing for 2 hours after originally scheduled – clearly the crowd of no more than 50 people at 7pm was unsatisfactory. Joker returned to play a fairly ordinary set that was overshadowed by poor organisation, his set consisting of a great deal of vocal and grime influenced dubstep, possibly suggesting something about the path Joker intends to take.

L-Vis 1990, who played a great deal on the Friday night due to mix ups in timings proved to be a very interesting booking. Playing a range of house, electro and minimal EDM, L-Vis entertained a much larger crowd who clearly enjoyed his less heavy vibes. When L-Vis concluded his set in the early hours, Gold Panda followed. The Essex based producer’s opening words being “sorry but I don’t really produce dance music”. As interesting as Gold Panda’s experimental live show proved to be, it did slightly kill the party atmosphere. Friday offered some good acts; however, it was unfortunate that the scheduling wasn’t too cleverly arranged.

~ Article by James Murray