Robb Blake - Ain't Got No Soul

Robb Blake - Ain't Got No Soul

Robb Blake

Ain’t Got No Soul

Released: 5th Apr 2010

Genre: Ska

Label: Do The Dog Music

Rating: 3.0/5


Robb Blake presents to us a very impressive ska album giving us a mixture of a heavier ska punk sound to a more mellow reggae sound. The whole album sounds like a complete band despite it being recorded by a solo artist. Each song is made up of basic guitar, bass and drum lines played in a typical ska style. Blake is particularly impressive with his vocals on the record singing every song in good harmony fitting perfectly with the rest of the music.

One problem with this album is that although every song is good, they are all good in the same way when you get half way through this album it starts to get a bit repetitive. Blake does give us a mix of ska punk and more mellow reggae but he doesn’t give us much more, not many tracks stand out and bring more excitement and experimentation to the record, making it less exciting towards the end of the album.

Despite the problem with the album it is easily one of the best ska releases this year and is a great soundtrack to the summer. The songs on this album sound made to listen to in the sun, Robb Blake is defiantly one to keep an eye on for all fans of ska.

~ Article by Chris Fishlock

Listen To: Ain’t Got No Soul, Hit The Bottle, What You Do

For Fans of: Dirty Revolution, Resolution 242, The Skints, The Slackers