Gypsyhawk - Patience and Perseverance

Gypsyhawk - Patience and Perseverance


Patience and Perseverance

Released: 6 July 2010

Genre: Rock / Classic Rock / Punk

Label: Creator-Destructor Records

Rating: 4.1/5


Patience and Perseverance is the first full length release from California rockers, Gypsyhawk. The band name in consolidation with the mythical artwork leaves much to the imagination, and it’s perhaps no surprise that the sound of Gypsyhawk is very different to the majority of modern rock music. Through emulating a classic rock sound similar to the likes of Thin Lizzy, one of the group’s main influences, the overall aura is one of epic 70’s rock riffs, with a contemporary twist.

The album titled track Gypsyhawk is the most forward track of the record, the blistering opening guitar riff followed by solid vocals would make the track the most obvious single choice. Patience and Perseverance rarely follows a strict song structure, choruses aren’t a common feature, but nevertheless, the four-piece certainly know how to create a hook and captivating melody. In the opening track, Eric Harris shouts “so long, farewell, goodbye“, as heavy rock riffs burst into action before leading into, to say the least, an admirable guitar solo.

At over an hour in length, the generosity of Patience and Perseverance leaves space for a range of styles and musical experiments. Eyes of Ibad takes a progressive approach, evoking an elemental atmosphere before erupting into a sequence of artistic guitars and slow rock vocals. Instrumentals are quite clearly one of the main focuses of the record, which is no surprise considering the talent showcased throughout – particularly on strings. Tracks including Guidance and Rebellion On The Western Shore flaunt the Californians inherent aptitude as a rock group.

A classic rock sound is certainly the main style used by Gypsyhawk; however, the group’s ability to apply elements of punk and experimental atypical rhythms is what gives the four-piece their exclusivity and unique selling point. Patience and Perseverance is an ambitious album that radiates a very solid sound. For a band to release such a strong sounding LP is very promising, and it seems Creator-Destructor Records have a great band in their grasp

~ Article by James Murray

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