Sepalcure - Love Pressure

Sepalcure - Love Pressure


Love Pressure EP

Released: June 14 2010

Genre: Dubstep / Tribal

Label: Hotflush Recordings

Rating: 4.3/5


Love Pressure, the debut release from upcoming duo Sepalcure is the latest offering of atmospheric dubstep from Hotflush. The New York based duo, made up of Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Praveen & Benoît) have attempted to create a record that truly sums up the appeal of their record label, Hotflush Recordings – late night eclectic dubstep that pushes the ever-growing boundaries of the genre.

The first track on the A-side, Love Pressure is the most dance-floor accessible track of the release. The smooth, relaxed vocals alongside the up-beat kicks throughout the production result in a dubstep classic that ticks all the boxes of commercial dubstep; yet offers a complex illusory aroma. The second A-side, Down, deploys a similar formula, however, the result is less suitable for the nightclub due to the use of underlying samples and effects. The distorted layer that runs through the track evokes a sound comparable to light rain hitting a window; a very dreamy and comforting outcome.

The B-sides to the Love Pressure EP drift even more so towards the celestial, demonstrating the lighter side of dubstep through the use of high-pitched synths and interblending basslines. Every Day of My Life focuses particularly on the vocal samples, combining a range of male, female, clear and hazy samples to create a rather elaborated, yet listenable finish. The Warning, the second B-side of the EP is the most adventurous and unfitting track of the EP. Taking a more progressive route, The Warning is the most effective track – the repeating melodic vocals interweaved with an authoritative voiceover work superbly at absorbing the listener. The inspirational vibes given off throughout the track are creative and powerful, one of Hotflush Recordings‘ most promising debut demonstrations.

~ Article by James Murray

Listen To: Love Pressure, Down, Every Day of My Life, The Warning

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