Resolution 242 - Resolution 242

Resolution 242 - Resolution 242

Resolution 242

Resolution 242

Released: Unknown

Genre: Reggae / Punk

Label: Do The Dog Music

Rating: 4.1/5


Politically driven reggae group Resolution 242, through their debut self-titled release, have showcased some of the best musical creativity available on the reggae/ska orientated Do The Dog Music record label. Resolution 242 is a record that effectively captures lively reggae instrumentals in combination with a clear and powerful left wing message. The Stratford based three-piece are undeniably superb lyricists, and for the listener, the messages and motives behind each track act as the catalyst for creating an extremely convincing final product.

Although Resolution 242 is a very lyrically potent release, the instrumental side of the record should not be overlooked. In opening track, Bullets In The Ground, the contagious bass guitar riffs and melodic chorus are the obvious elements that make the song so captivating: “rise up, rise up, take your head from your hands / the streets will be a better place, when we stop taking demands”. Throughout second track, I.M.F, Resolution 242 truly demonstrate their ability to write passionately and convincingly. Resolution 242‘s use of anecdotal lyrics helps to boost their political views, such as their opinions on materialism and capitalism – “these digits are a fallacy”.

Not every track takes a complex, lyrical path to emphasise opinion; Pigs and Poets Town both deliver reggae hooks that stimulate comparisons to the like of The King Blues, suggesting Resolution 242 know how to deliver a memorable track as well as a political exposition. One of the highlights of the album comes towards the latter end of War Crimes, closing with a persuasive voice over reinforcing the Resolution 242 warning of media manipulation and their stance “against tyranny”.

It’s fairly evident that the social messages carried by Resolution 242 as a band and as a record are the central focus, therefore for some it may be difficult to engage with the music as well as those with corresponding beliefs. This may well be a factor that somewhat limits the bands success, however, it’s evident that the sole aim of Resolution242 is to create enjoyable and influential music – and in each sector they are highly successful.

~ Article by James Murray

Listen To: Bullets In The Ground, War Crimes, Poets Town, I.M.F.

For Fans Of: The Skints, Dirty Revolution, The King Blues, Mouthwash