Foals - Total Life Forever

Foals - Total Life Forever


Total Life Forever

Released: May 10 2010

Genre: Indie Rock

Label: Transgressive Records

Rating: 4.0/5


The hype during the run up to the release of Total Life Forever can only be described as ‘colossal’. The release of pre-album single, Spanish Sahara, raised the hopes of thousands. The effect of such a change in style between Antidotes and Total Life Forever perhaps came as somewhat of a shock to fans; and for many, a badly received change. Regardless of the views of Antidotes‘ devotee’s, the Oxford based five-piece took the UK’s radio stations by storm, the whole nation and further eager to hear more of the likes of this initial atmospheric, progressive rock track.

It was perhaps rather unfortunate for Foals that Total Life Forever leaked to the internet roughly a whole month before the proposed release date. In terms of hype, such things can only act as an anti-climax; nevertheless, the content of the album should not be overlooked. Total Life Forever is unmistakably a great evolution in musical style, taking the choppy raw sounds of Antidotes and smoothing them out: Foals have created a much more melodic album for 2010.

The opening track of the album, Blue Blood, really focuses on Yannis Philippakis, demonstrating his vocal progressions from Antidotes. As the opener progresses, and runs into forthcoming single, Miami, Foals have already quite clearly laid out the tone of the record — radiant and vibrant. It comes as no surprise that many critics and fans alike tipped Total Life Forever to be the soundtrack of the summer. Instrumentally, Foals have not strayed from their creative roots, Fugue for example, placing the listener into a temporary state of audible utopia. As well as building on great instrumentals, Foals have also retained their ability to create a song with a great hook. This Orient is without a doubt the ‘feel-good’ track of the album; the fast-paced drum patterns working beautifully with Phillippakis’ alleviating vocals.

The initial build-up to Foals second release was always going to be hard to equal; however, the final result is a very different, yet very strong album. Whether Total Life Forever will be the soundtrack of the summer is debatable, especially with recent albums from the likes of Vampire Weekend and indie pop group Two Door Cinema Club, nevertheless, Total Life Forever is an album that can be expected to run alongside great memories.

~ Article by James Murray

Listen To: Spanish Sahara, This Orient, Miami, Fugue, Blue Blood

For Fans of: Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, Bombay Bicycle Club