Atari Teenage Riot

Atari Teenage Riot, Electric Ballroom, Camden, London

Atari Teenage Riot

Venue: Electric Ballroom

Location: Camden, London

Date: May 12 2010

Label: Digital Hardcore Recordings

Rating: 5/5


When Atari Teenage Riot last played London in 1999, it was at Brixton Academy and it was supporting Nine Inch Nails, MC Carl Crack had vocal problems and didn’t make it on stage and female vocalist Hanin Elias had just walked out of the band, Alec Empire and Nic Endo still took the stage playing a set of harsh white noise, shortly afterwards the band split up. Bring time forward to 2010, and the band have reunited for a string of dates (including this single London show) and a new single, and if we are lucky a lot more.

The band opened the set with new single Activate, within seconds they bring their unbelievable force of energy to the venue, while the crowd goes insane; the track is a perfect opener and sounds great with such an enthusiastic crowd, the atmosphere and energy during this song showed us from the start just how special this gig was going to be. The band power through the whole set without pausing, keeping the energy high, the show was very intense with both the band and the crowd not stopping, the band played favourites such as Into The Death, Destroy 2000 Years of Culture, Midijunkies, Get Up While You Can and Too Dead For Me each song being adrenaline filled, half the crowd moshing, the other half with their fists in the air, energy being high throughout, all three band members don’t give up, keeping the beats pounding during the whole set.

The new member, the relatively unknown CX Kidtronik proved he was worthy of the group while Nic Endo showed us that she can deliver the main vocals just as good as Hanin Elias could, but the stage was ruled by group founder Alec Empire who was on a whole new level that evening – showing even more power that he does at his solo shows, he is in his prime playing Atari Teenage Riot songs.

The energy of the band never calmed through the whole set, the encore included the best songs of the night, songs that are really suited to a live show, such as Speed, Not Your Business, Revolution Action and final song Start The Riot all of which showed the crowd going even more mental than they were already throughout the whole set. The final song Start the Riot ended with a 5 minute jam of noise between the band members, really showing the intensity of the music, combined with the strobe lighting, it was a mind grain of music. This was louder than your average gig. After not stopping and talking to the audience for the whole set when the noise finally ended, Alec Empire addressed the crowd, he told the story of the last Atari Teenage Riot gig in London, he said that they always felt they needed to make it up to London for that gig, it has taken ten years, but this was that gig, and it was truly special, now we must hope that the band may return to the UK in the future and record more new material.

~ Article by Chris Fishlock

Listen To: Destroy 2000 Years of Culture, Activate, Get Up While You Can, Start The Riot

For Fans of: EC8OR, The Shiznit, Rabbit Junk, DHC Meinhof