Scuba - Triangulation

Scuba - Triangulation



Released: Mar 22 2010

Genre: Dubstep

Label: Hot Flush Recordings

Rating: 4.0/5


Paul Rose, better known by his EDM pseudonym, Scuba, is one of the most influential figures in the Dubstep scene. Founding the record label, Hot Flush Recordings, Rose is known for links with Distance, Mount Kimbie and most impressively, 22 year old Dubstep maestro, Joy Orbison. Scuba is certainly not a name unaccustomed to electronic dance music, with the Aesaunic EP (2009) and before that A Mutual Antipathy LP (2008), Triangulation is only the latest from the talent stricken producer.

From the opening track, Descent, Rose allures us into the world of Scuba Dubstep. Overwhelming bass and static samples progressing into the second track, Latch give us a taste of what Triangulation is really about. Atmospheric Dubstep, the kind not dissimilar to the sounds of those used by artists such as 2562 arise throughout the record. As the record develops into Three Sided Shape, the rhythm is temporarily purged to make way for the gritty urban samples that open up the track; acting as a subtle breakdown that without warning jumps into an arrangement of trippy synths, drums and impending bass.

At no point does Scuba let one forget how underground and urban this record truly is; whether it’s through the minimalistic city artwork, or the manufactured raindrop sampling throughout the duration of Minerals. The sampling throughout the record is executed in a way so natural that the listener is plunged into the ambient realms of Rose’s immaculate production. Whether it’s the quixotic female vocals in Before, or the tribal melodies at the opening of Tracers.

The overall mood of Triangulation is one of illusory imbalance. This isn’t your generic electronic producer, Scuba knows not only how to make a dance floor friendly track, he can effectively capture a whole mood or image through the art of Dubstep. It truly is producer’s such as Scuba that are taking Dubstep in a direction that is vastly beyond the boundaries that fans, producers and critics initially thought the genre would ever reach, when the genre broke through back in the early 00’s.

~ Article by James Murray

Listen to: Latch, So You Think You’re Special, Before

For Fans of: 2562, Joy Orbison, Mount Kimbie, Pangaea