The Flatliners - Cavalcade

The Flatliners - Cavalcade

The Flatliners


Released: Apr 13 2010

Genre: Punk Rock / Ska Punk

Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3.7/5


The four horsemen of the rock apocalypse return to the studio to bring us the follow up to ‘The Great Awake’.

The Great Awake, following the heavily ska-punk influenced Destroy to Create brought fans a rather extreme change in style — moving on notably from their earliest material. Cavalcade once again brings a change in style, however, on a much lower scale in comparison to the transition between the first and second albums. Cavalcade keeps the punchy riffs and up-beat memorable songs such as Meanwhile In Hell… and July! August! Reno! that The Great Awake offered, but takes these songs and transforms them into even more distinguishable tracks, packed full of energy.

The Calming Collection, Bleed and Filthy Habits all showcase powerful riffs and an improvement in song writing. Most notably, Here Comes Treble presents a track that begins softly, before erupting into one of the most intense songs on the album. Such a transition within a song really creates a burst of liveliness; allowing the listener to fantasize about an epic concert in a grungy packed out venue. He Was a Jazzman presents a real juxtaposition in style; but perhaps sensibly chosen after the placement of the preceding track. Similarly to This Respirator from The Great Awake, He Was A Jazzman acts as a return to roots track; demonstrating the bands ability to create a true ska-punk song — holding on to their foundations despite a change in style.

As a record, Cavalcade is an improvement in terms of creating captivating music. Cresswell has clearly discovered how he can use diversity in his vocals to create tracks that capture the listener. The sharp transitions between melodic and raw vocals create an aura of impulsive energy that really makes this album so solid in substance. For the punk rock fan, the open-minded listener or the earlier Flatliners fan, Cavalcade is once again a move in a positive direction, with even more added vigour.

~ Article by James Murray

Listen to: Here Comes Treble, Filthy Habits, Bleed

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