Fun Lovin' Criminals - Classic Fantastic

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Classic Fantastic

Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Classic Fantastic

Released: Mar 01 2010

Genre: Rock/ Funk

Label: Kilohertz Records

Rating: 2.7/5


After five years of legal disputes, side projects, acting careers and presenting an award winning Radio shows, the Fun Lovin’ Criminals are back with their latest offering, “Classic Fantastic”. Following on from 2005’s slightly mellow homage to New York, “Living in the City” (slightly ironic seen as all three band members live in England now), the Criminals return with a slightly funkier offering.

Despite that, lead single and title track “Classic Fantastic” is FLC in their element. Huey Morgan’s smooth delivery helps create a chilled out tune that you could imagine kicking back to on a summer’s day sipping a cool Corona. Being the second track on the album, preceded by the funky bass led “Mars”, it sets a high standard for the rest of the album to follow.

Sadly, the remainder of the album doesn’t quite live up to the expectations and the majority of the songs are pretty average. Songs like “Keep on Yelling”, which features Roots Manuva, and “El Malo”, are just too “schmoove” even for Fun Lovin Criminals and could just fade into one if they weren’t split up by the rather forgettable “Jimmy Choo”. The inclusion of “Conversations With Our Attorney”, a 90 second skit which involves Paul Kaye ringing members of the band and pretty much just abusing them, would suggest that they were running out of ideas for the album.

However, this isn’t to say there aren’t brief glimpses of excellence throughout the album. The previously mentioned title track is a stand out, “She Sings at the Sun” is a lively jaunt which gets the feet tapping and “We, The Three” is up there as one of the funkiest tracks FLC have ever done. Sadly however, these songs are few and far between and the album peters out into a bit of a non event.

It’s not the sort of album that’ll lose the band fans, mainly due to the fact that the previous five album were pretty damn good. However when you give an album a title like this, it’s got to be something special. Unfortunately for Huey and co, it’s not a classic, and only briefly fantastic.

~ Article by Jason Smith