Lightspeed Champion - Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You

Lightspeed Champion - Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You

Lightspeed Champion

Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You

Released: Feb 15 2010

Genre: Indie/Acoustic

Label: Domino Records

Rating: 3.3/5


Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You is a complete progression from the last Lightspeed Champion album; Hynes still keeps his special song writing talent, but more heavily incorporates more instruments and more experimentation on this album than he did on Falling off the Lavender Bridge. Although violins feature on many tracks on the debut album, they take a far more dominance on this record, as well as this Hynes experiments much more with the electric guitar, a tool he used a lot less on the debut album.

As usual on Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You Dev’s vocals are completly infectious, as he sings so many of his addictive lyrics, his voice fits in perfectly with the blend of guitar, violin and piano that he sings on top of, whether the music is full on, all instruments playing chords, or if it’s a simple synth beat he sings on top of he pushes his voice in a direction that fits just right for the song and the pace of the song.

Another great feature on this album are the intermissions, where we mainly hear Dev experimenting with various music. With Intermission 1 we hear Dev over laying piano and synths on top of each other giving an interesting short composition, where as with Intermission 2 we hear Dev experimenting with drumming, and then finally we have Etude Op. 3 Goodnight Michalek, where we hear Dev playing more classical piano at a much faster pace than Intermission 1. If Dev decided to do the next Lightspeed Champion album completely instrumentally he would be able to pull it off, especially if it was in the style of Intermission 1. The highlight tracks on the album are undoubtedly I Don’t Want To Wake Up Alone, a violin and piano led song, perfectly paced but is rather short at 2:29; the other highlight track is the follower Madame Van Damme which features interesting guitar technique with the infectious ‘Kill me baby wont you kill be’ it’s a song that can be listened to for days and days, certainly one of the more timeless stand out tracks on this album.

Overall the album is a nice progression from the debut, but does not offer the amazing album feel that the debut possesses. As good as this album is, it simply doesn’t compare to Falling Off The Lavender Bridge which was  one of the best albums of 2008. This album is not one of the best of 2010, it is a decent album, but just seems to lack the amazing tracks that the first contained, such as Midnight Surprise and Galaxy of the Lost. None of the songs on this album really show Dev’s fantastic song writing talent as much as tracks on the first album do, and for this reason Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You is a slight disappointment.

~ Article by Chris Fishlock