Lostprophets - The Betrayed

Lostprophets - The Betrayed


The Betrayed

Released: Jan 18 2010

Genre: Alternative Rock / Metal

Label: Visible Noise

Rating: 3.2/5


The fourth studio album from Welsh alternative rock outfit, Lostprophets, is released four years after the 2006 release Liberation Transmission. Understandably, the expectations from fans after the four year wait are formidable. The six-piece originally spent half a million dollars on The Betrayed, before scrapping the album and starting again – whether the album was worth the wait is debatable. The Betrayed is a fairly solid album, however, it certainly has its weaker areas.

The first single release, and third track on the album, It’s Not The End of the World, But I Can See it From Here, summarises the album as a whole fairly well. Lostprophets have aimed to create an epic-sounding album, with ‘grittier and sleazier’ sounds in comparison to previous albums. Tracks such as DSTRYR/DSTRYR and Next Stop Atro City are successful examples of gritty songs that remain catchy without sounding tawdry or over audacious. The two single releases, including Where We Belong are clearly attempts at glorious rock anthems, however, both sound slightly too puerile to have the powerful effect intended.

The Betrayed, regardless of some of the album’s content, is well structured and successful in illustrating the bands exploration within their own field – offering a diverse range of styles throughout. The more pop-orientated single releases differ greatly from the genuinely darker and grittier tracks. The album finale, The Light That Shines Twice as Bright is one of the stronger tracks on the album, adopting a progressive rock sound with powerful vocals, perhaps being the most successful in terms of mastering that ‘epic’ sound that Lostprophets seem to be trying to capture.

~ Article by James Murray