Bear In Heaven - Beast Reast Forth Mouth

Bear In Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Bear In Heaven

Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Released: Nov 13 2009

Genre: Post-Rock/Experimental/Indie

Label: Hometapes

Rating: 4.0/5


Beast Rest Forth Mouth, the second full-length studio album from Bear In Heaven, has offered plenty for critics to drool over — the use of progressive, experimental vibes has resulted in a refreshing 41 minutes of highly admirable and atmospheric indie rock. The Brooklyn based four-piece, fronted by Jon Philpot, have successfully recorded an album that is consistent yet brilliant. The generally slow-paced tempo of tracks takes nothing away from the powerful effect of the album; ‘Lovesick Teenagers’ being a great example of how strong and sincere vocals along side atmospheric drum patterns can result in a highly refreshing end-product.

‘Complex’ is no adjective suited to this album, however, ’simple’ would be equally inadequate — Bear In Heaven haven’t offered anything that is new, as such; but an album that offers diversity through its varying dynamics, specifically in the vocal quarter. Philpot’s vocals remain sincere throughout, however, manage to fluctuate from the intoxicated, continuous chants of ‘Dust Cloud‘, to the choppy vocals in album opener ‘Beast In Peace‘, leading to an emphatic falsetto chorus.

The diversity of Beast Rest Forth Mouth takes it from simply being a ‘good experimental album’, to a journey; perhaps not the most exciting of the last decade, but certainly an audible adventure from a relatively unknown four-piece (certainly in Europe) that, with one release, have captured the imaginations of many. Bear In Heaven are no longer a band with potential, they’re a band that listeners and fans will be eager to hear more from in the future — be it through more studio releases or expansive touring.

~ Article by James Murray