Dom and Roland - No Strings Attached

Dom and Roland

No Strings Attached

Released: Nov 23 2009

Genre: Drum and Bass/Techstep

Label: Dom and Roland Productions

Rating: 3.6/5


Dominic Angas, better known as Dom and Roland (Roland being a reference to his sampling equipment) is a major supporter and creator of Techstep, a sub-genre of drum and bass – noticeable through its dark, sci-fi elements. The most recent release from the Techstep proponent is entitled No Strings Attached, an LP that delivers admirably in terms of creativity.

The opening track, Mind Feeders, instantly opens the gateway into Dom and Roland’s world of Techstep, with a sinister, choppy melody backing female vocals. Unlike the majority of tracks on the No Strings Attached release, Mind Feeders is a heavy, dense drum and bass anthem. Tajitsu, in contrast to the LP opener is an intense, progressive track. Tribal drum samples add to the intimidating sound of the track, progressing into a beautiful arrangement of dark sci-fi samples.

Angas has certainly attempted to create a release full of unheard, attention-grabbing tracks. The likes of Ice Age, with an aggressive bass line underlying a fairly un-rhythmic yet fitting drum pattern, illustrates the originality of the LP. The most out-standing track in terms of originality is without a doubt Odd Job. Reminiscent in terms of production to Mistabishi’s Printer Jam, an array of abstract samples creates a final product that is innovative and remarkable in terms of creativity.

As far as Techstep goes, No Strings Attached is a well-produced, interesting album. Although tracks are highly creative, many are fairly unsuitable for nightclubs, as the stretch to create something original has resulted in a range of oddly produced abstract tracks. Interesting and appraisable, but in no way ‘timeless’; this album will have you inspired at first, but unfortunately, for all other than those ‘Techstep junkies’, it will soon lose its appeal.

~ Article by James Murray