The Skints - Live.Breathe.Build.Believe

The Skints


Released: Nov 09 2009

Genre: Reggae/Punk

Label: Rebel Alliance

Rating: 4.3/5


London based four-piece, The Skints, are a new reggae/punk outfit. Recently touring with Sonic Boom Six has given the young group some small-scale exposure, selling merchandise at events and promoting their debut album – Live. Breathe. Build. Believe.

The Skints don’t create music that seeks mainstream success, evident not only through the bands name, but also through the genre of music being created. The unique selling point of this album isn’t the bands musical style, but the lyrical validity. The Skints have created a very sellable album. With both a political and rebellious stance, the London four-piece passionately question and challenge society and British youth, “too much violence and bloodshed in my hometown, in my hometown”.

Although the lyrics offer the most in terms of originality, the instrumental side of The Skints shouldn’t be overlooked. The influence of early reggae and punk/ska has resulted in a vintage sound, with similarities to the likes of Operation Ivy and Bob Marley.

On-stage The Skints are immaculate, with the ability to recreate the raw sounds of the album in perfect clarity. Perhaps after the debut album tour The Skints will begin to receive some recognition, as their music not only has the potential to connect with new listeners, it also has the potential to attract a younger audience to a different style of music.

~ Article by James Murray