2562 - Unbalance



Released: Aug 18 2009

Label: Tectonic

Genre: Dubstep/Electro

Rating: 4.2/5


Dubstep, to the uninformed casual listener, would underline Caspa, Rusko and Burial as the pioneers and kings of the genre. A few hours flight to the east of London lays Amsterdam, the home of 2562, where it seems the style of dubstep varies radically. Unbalance is the second studio album, following Aerial (2008), the latest’s evolution and positive progression in production being more than evident in its aptness.

The introductory track, despite its short length, offers an insight into the industrial sounds that the album offers. As the album progresses the enigmatic production creates a vast amount of diversity, for a genre that some may class as fairly confined. The elements within each track are crafted so sublimely that many are almost inaudible, yet rhythmic enough to be unconsciously identified. Stand-out track Lost, the albums third, offers complexity and talent, showcased majestically with the help of dreamy female vocals. Dubstep is difficult to comprehend when explained to be ‘beautiful’ or ‘dream-like’, but the production of Unbalance speaks for itself.

Unbalance is far away from party music, but far more suited to home-listening. The depth of each track offering a new journey of beats and absurd samples, offering reflection for the psychopathic listener – perhaps somewhat comparable to Aphex Twin, with the layered, urban qualities of each track.

For a producer to latch on to a genre that is still fresh in its root country, create two albums and get significant attention outside the country of production doesn’t come naturally. 2562 has not only encompassed dubstep into his intricate productions, he’s re-mastered our view of the genre as a whole.

~ Article by James Murray