The Temper Trap


Released: Aug 20 2009

Label: Liberation Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

Rating: 4.2/5


‘Science of Fear’ and ‘Sweet Disposition’, released earlier this year, introduced the world to Australia’s newest alternative rock four-piece. Consisting of melodious guitars, with lead singer, Mandagi’s falsetto vocals over intensified rhythms, ‘Conditions’ brings an album of epic breakdowns and engrossingly powerful song structure.

Un-commercial could be a name adopted by the band, but non-generic would be much more reasonable. To the open-minded, ‘Conditions’ is a well crafted album with extremely powerful vocals, enough to make the hairs on the back of ones neck stand up.

Album opener, ‘Love Lost’ is a superb introduction to Mandagi’s vocal capabilities, brilliantly written, ultimately leading to a powerful musical outburst showcasing the more than effective musical outcome of epic vocals over drums and a simplistic bass guitar riff. ‘Sweet Disposition’ is clearly the most forward track on the album, but quite easily the most beautiful. Once again, the incredibly powerful and versatile vocals of Mandagi open the song, with nothing but the raw instrumentals of a marching drum beat. The raw-sounding instrumentals maintain a mellow, almost solemn sound to the opening verse before the energetic switch to feel-good vocals.

‘Conditions’ debuted at number 9 in the Australian charts, being released in the UK on the 10th August. Hopefully The Temper Trap will be as successful in the UK and across the globe, despite their differentiation from indie and alternative rock making it big presently.

Article by James Murray