Invaders Must Die

Invaders Must Die

The Prodigy

Invaders Must Die

Released: Feb 23 2009

Label: Take Me To The Hospital

Genre: Electronic Rock/Rave

Rating: 4.4/5


The Prodigy’s fifth and latest album ‘Invaders Must Die’ adequately targets a wide rave audience including the older listeners; with old school tracks such as ‘Take Me to The Hospital’ with a helium vocal breakdown, similarly to their 1992 hit, ‘Out of Space’. As well as targeting the older audience, the younger generation won’t be dissatisfied by the energetic fast-tempo sounds, riffs and drums throughout tracks such as ‘Omen’ and the drum and bass influenced ‘Warriors Dance’. With an influx of rave into the rock genre and an increasingly present influx of bands performing a rock-rave crossover such as Pendulum’s latest album In-Silico. With minor genres such as dubstep and drum and bass flourishing in numbers and popularity, it’s no surprise that The Prodigy have followed the trend by pushing out the boundaries of electronic music.

The fifth album is certainly a mix of The Prodigy’s old-school roots, along with their rock tendencies and a clear, expansive use of electronic dance elements. It seems the band have got this album right, for all audiences. The album specifically references previous albums, with tracks such as ‘Thunder’, containing the reggae vocal familiar once again to ‘Out of Space’. ‘Piranha’, the penultimate album track brings something new to The Prodigy’s sound, with a rock riff containing sci-fi sound effects, similar to Pendulum’s most recent work. The closing track on the album, ‘Stand Up’, would be the perfect ending to any intense album, slowing down the tempo, introducing cheerful drums and trumpets to give the album a heroic finale.

The Prodigy have already savoured great success with ‘Invaders Must Die’, and all singles released as of present – they’re mid-way through a UK tour with very positive reception and are prepared to hit big UK festivals this year such as Download festival and Reading and Leeds.

~ Article by James Murray