New Hopes, New Demonstrations

New Hopes, New Demonstrations

The Ghost of a Thousand

New Hopes, New Demonstrations

Released: June 01 2009

Label: Epitaph Records

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Rating: 3.2/5


The Ghost of a Thousand have produced an album that will leave previous fans in amazement, with an aggressive, dark follow up album to the debut ‘This is Where the Fight Begins’. With the position of this band, within the hardcore category, being noticed can be a problem; with The Gallows new album ‘Grey Britain’ arguably somewhat pushing other hardcore artists aside. Nevertheless, despite tough competition, previous fans will without a doubt be satisfied with the vibes of this fantastic new album.

The album has a really dark and heavy feel, as described by lead vocalist Tom Lacey; for the main part strong in sound and vocals from start to conclusion. In contrast, however, the mid-album track ‘Split the Atom’ slackens the intensity briefly, creating a melodic, although similarly sombre break from the action. The album has a heavier all round feel, however also offering a deeper, gloomier experience compared to the debut. The Opening track ‘Moved as Mountains…’ really sets the tone, with a spectacularly deep opening track, followed by the brilliant riffs of ‘Bright Lights’. The album finishes with an epic crafting of instrumentals, leaving the listener knowing well that they have reached the end of an intense, enjoyable journey.

The Ghost of a Thousand more than likely won’t receive the attention or the recognition that they deserve for this album, however, for those lucky enough to experience it, it’s highly probable that the listener will be left in a state of affection or hate.

~ Article by James Murray