City of Thieves

City of Thieves

Sonic Boom Six

City of Thieves

Released: Apr 20 2009

Label: Rebel Alliance

Genre: Punk

Rating: 3.7/5


The band infamous for their multi-genre sound clash is back with a third studio album; and Sonic Boom Six fail to disappoint. City of Thieves, with its musical combination of punk, reggae and grime brings an overall fun sounding album, however, with a collection of sincere themes and stances; the political lyrics focusing on Britain as a capitalist society and the many problems left as a result of it. ‘Welcome To The City (Of Thieves)’ helps to primarily set the left-wing slanted political views of Laila Khan and the other members that persist throughout the most part of the album.

The second track on the album, ‘Back 2 Skool’, emphasizes the importance and lack of adolescent individualism. Mid-way through the album, ‘Rum Little Skallywag’ is a showcase of the bands reggae sound – touring with the likes of Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake reflects the bands ska and reggae influences. Despite the political sincerity throughout ‘City of Thieves’, Sonic Boom Six have displayed that their songs aren’t wholly serious. ‘Strange Transformations’ lyrically describes the effects of alcohol through the metaphor of physical transformation of man into animal. On top of the lyrical humor, samples are used at points throughout many tracks in the album to add humor and some lightness to the at times, fairly deep and strong-minded lyrics.

The third studio album by this musically and culturally open-minded band from Manchester has displayed great music writing on top of a great socio-economic awareness of not just Manchester, but Britain as a whole. Sonic Boom Six have received little commercial success from the mainstream media; however, gaining an opening slot at Reading and Leeds festival will undoubtedly expose their music to a wider audience.

~ Article by James Murray