Universal Truth

Universal Truth

Matrix & Futurebound

Universal Truth

Released: Apr 09 2007

Label: Metro

Genre: Drum & Bass

Rating: 4.2/5


In April, 2007, Drum and Bass artists Matrix and Futurebound collaborated to create a breathtaking electronic album. The album received small small-scale positive recognition; however, I personally believe this album was completely overlooked as the drum and bass classic it is.

Today, Matrix and Futurebound are still collaborating and creating tracks; most recently with names such as ‘Shanghai Surprise’ and ‘Reflection’, which have been moderately successful within the drum and bass scene. ‘Universal Truth’, in 2007, was an album of progressive drum and bass, with futuristic and ambient samples, placing the audience into an audible state of utopia; making the album superbly suited for summer road trips.

The opening track ‘Universal Truth’ builds up to an intense ride, before breaking into ‘Knite Riderz’ featuring MC Spyda, adding to the suitability of this album for anyone on the road. ‘Skyscraper’ and ‘All Born Angels’ set a clearly urban tone to the album, with the track titles, heavy bass and furthermore, the interestingly thoughtful lyrics by Mister Who through out ‘All Born Angels’. The middle set of tracks fail to displease with their less intense progressive sounds, however very deep melodic undertones. The American Beauty VIP gives the formerly emotionally deep track an electronic re-vamp, adding to the depth and indubitable valour of the album. ‘Coast to Coast’, the final track on the album really sets the tone and concludes the album perfectly. The final track ultimately ties up the album as a memorable journey through drum and bass, with this beautiful electronic track condoning the use of violins and futuristic samples in order to conclude in an up-beat and very satisfying manner.

‘Universal Truth’ is one of few electronic albums that are enjoyable from start to finish. The album has points of simplicity that constantly build up to classics of complexity. Matrix and Futurebound have created an undoubtedly creative album, of which I believe may be looked back on over the years.

~Article by James Murray