True Romance

True Romance

Golden Silvers

True Romance

Released: Apr 20 2009

Label: XL Recordings

Genre: Alternative Rock/Pop

Rating: 4.0/5


London’s timeless musicians, Golden Silvers, through delivering an album of debonair, light-hearted alternative rock, in addition to becoming a performing success, have picked up Glastonbury’s prestigious new talent competition in 2008, on top of performing across the UK, including Glastonbury in 2009.

The trio of musical romantics, fronted by vocalist Gwilym Gold, released their debut album ‘True Romance’ in April, with a cheerful instrumental collection of drums, keyboard, and bass accompanying the themes of ‘true romance’, ‘lost loves’ and ‘dying from a broken heart’. Undoubtedly, the lyrics are rather clichéd in relation to the mythological appearance in ‘Arrows of Eros’; with “cupids lazy dart”, however, the execution of the lyrics are sublime in lucratively expressing emotion and song-writing ability.

Collaboration of drums and strings creates, at times, a quixotic representation of mellow, alternative music, with clear influences from 70’s disco in more up-beat tracks “Queen of the 21st Century” and “True Romance”.

The trio’s appearance resembles that of a new-rave indie one; the likes of Empire of the Sun or MGMT; yet the band’s front man, Gold, has expressed his preference of dispersing from any generic indie band conception as much as possible. The album itself seems to some extent too melodious and modest to be categorised as straightforward indie.

Golden Silvers, thus far, have been a pleasing and warming success. Categorisation of music is not a major issue; rather, it is embedding Golden Silvers onto the radar of innovative music and wider-scale acknowledgement, more than possible for this budding trio’s serene style.

~ Article by James Murray