To Lose My Life

To Lose My Life

White Lies

To Lose My Life

Released: Jan 12 2009

Label: Fiction

Genre: Alternative Rock

Rating: 4.3/5


Greatly acclaimed London band, White Lies, released their debut album ‘To Lose My Life’ on the 19th earlier this month. Pressure may have been on the three-piece band, with high hopes and expectations due to much hype and media interest; but it must be expressed that this band has reached all expectations with a stunning debut album. Although the album sound in its self is not too original, with similarities to a Hot Fuss / Editors sound; McVeigh’s strong vocals along with a synth-rock mood and catchy choruses creates a powerful album. The dynamicity of McVeigh’s voice allows great expression of the at times rather grim yet powerful lyrics throughout the album – “let’s grow old together, and die at the same time” the dark lyrics throughout the album are a major asset to the album structure – building up to the vocal pinnacle of ‘Nothing to Give’ where the development of emotion within the lyrics are unleashed by McVeigh “But as you said goodbye, I almost died”.

Despite being labelled as unoriginal in their musical similarities to the Killers, White Lies surely have the potential of becoming a huge band in the UK and beyond. This summer’s UK festivals are seven months away and personally, I’d say a chance of White Lies being high up the list for some of the major festivals is a strong possibility. The album is certainly worth a purchase if you enjoy general indie, strong lyrics or 80’s influenced sounds especially, however, I would recommend this album to any audience. Brilliant.

~ Article by James Murray